Python 3 Tutorial: 12 – Sequences


Jim Gilliam 2nd Year University of London

My whole body is Coverd in goosebumps omg good job man

Thank you so much, because of you i could write my essay easily

“Signal to woman their not allowed in STEM.”

While overall theme of the video is correct, i also have to say that it makes the “AI revolution” seem much closer than it actually is. The current AI technology is still quite limited to clearly defined tasks, meaning that the input and the correct output are relatively clearly defined.

I got a human recourses add….

I’m going to read this book now

Where is RDJ’s Chaplin?!

Thanks. Tis was very helpful! 😊

Germans love David Hasselhoff

You have all the right to kill any corrupt judge or attorney who violate your civil rights, this is how we build better justice system and put an end for the court corruption all over the United States and build a better future for our kids!!!.

In Latvian, there are seven cases: nominative, genitive, dative, acusative, instrumental, locative and vocative. The lattest one was not mentioned in the video. Vocative is used in address to somebody, calling somebody. For example, my Scandinavian name in Latvian has a masculine singular nominative ending – s – “Ivars”, but, calling me, this ending should be omitted – “Ivar!”. This is an example of the vocative case in Latvian.



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