Python 3 Tutorial: 17 – String Methods


The music doesn’t help it’s all in your mind. Im high right now.

They’re tracers

WHY did you make your videos private!

We need both. Otherwise we’re miserable

Charlemagne was outclassed throughout this entire interview. He was never able to catch his bearing during the interview. Shkreli had him on his heels and was compelling throughout. Cthegod is a great interviewer but it looks as if he was trying to make a bigger story than what he had and Martin Shkreli just sucked all the steam out of his questions. Charlemagne was not prepared for this at all

And there was no incidence on his sense of masculinity or identity.

I no how you feel a about

But i know enough of japanese to understand bits and pieces, and to be able to watch subtitled anime without having to read the subs most of the time

WATCH OUT DEBATES ABOUT MORALS AND ETHICS GOING ON BELOW. ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE. nah jk feel free to add to the growing debate. after all its what budding philosophers do.

This is Ajay student of MBA from Delhi University. Your lecture has cleared my concept. Thank you sir.

28:00 – or there abouts.

If a self driving car hit a person what will the police do?

Thanks for making this! My exam for Literature is on Monday and I think this really helped! Thanks again!

Sir i don t found how distinct currency deposit ratio and reserve deposite ratio from crr…..please clarify me

@markitymark90 That could probably work.

C’├ętait cool comme jeu =)

Come on man Batman V Superman wasn’t a bad movie.

You saved me again Mr. Wheeler. I needed the sign for tomato, and i was worried when i didn’t see it. but low and behold you signed it for me.

Here is an article that uses the trade offs with production possibilities curve. Two key concepts that make corporate change possible – http://go. shr. lc/2wCU9sj via @commdiginews

I love this animation bc this represents how wrong people whit to much power are sometimes the hard thruth welcome to humanity people


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