Python 3 Tutorial: 19 – Classes


Thank you my brother, you helped me in learning about academic research. I am grateful to you, being a new PhD student. May God bless you.

BRING IT BACK… please?

This guy sounds like one of those computer gamers i play with lol. I bet i did play with him before.

“She studied for 2-y.” or “the way he speaks for 2-y.” ???


The new version of skynet. Honestly the only thing on this that a bot maybe would have trouble with is childcare. Children need to be fufillled emotionally as well as looked after. Perhaps people will spend more time rearing their children? In any case, fun video……… It was interesting…….. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. :).

Good woman. We need people like her to dodge snowflakes.

Soo we should invade Iran?

I really hate auto spell checker.

Http://tarahrc. com A nice video but could not see a link in the description to the app. Is their a demo? I am writing in may 2015 and i noticed your presentation slides showed 2011 and 2012. Is this tool still available and updated

Please explain that do we avoid to use there is and there are ot not? By the way i am asking that beceuse i will take ielts exam after two weeks please help me.

You also have paper 2 and 3 for this?

Let me write that this video that it is not available to view in High Quality.

I’m subscribing to show support

It is so interesting

Takes reading to another level

Please do crash course real estate

Southern accent is the worst in my opinion, sounds unsophisticated and incorrect to a french person

I find meaning in making others smile and feel better.

Very Good! Really helped refresh my memory. Its great that the pace is up, sometimes when they go too slow I get bored. I will definitely be watching more of this.

It is really very useful. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH



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