Python 3 Tutorial 2: How to Configure IDLE


So truthful it just plain hurts, but that’s a good thing.

Is the guy related to Peter molyneux?

With groot it’s actually differences in sound humans can’t understand also “shyriiwook” is very tonal and based heavily on inflection

Also I disagree with your statement that all names are beautiful. some names have evil origins and or meanings.

Why are you so motivating??!! 💜💜

Let me conclude by saying that perfectness of a society depends on the level of happiness of the dweller. And I believe that a safer community brings about the highest level of happiness. Our efforts therefore, should be more on the things that we can do, things that are in our capacity to bring about happier, safer and a better society.

Mf DOOOOOOOM… I’m honored to have listened from day 1. Thank you DOOM for keeping me away from lil weyn and draik.

For me, the big question that challenges your theory is this:

Haha what a discrimination

Thank you very much

Sir please upload eco all chapter

A really well-structured and detailed video. Thanks!

No property = no freedom. if i cant own the produts of my labor, i canot own my self.

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Interesting, lots of food for thought. I taught myself (mostly) by total immersion – HAD to learn – completely motivated & worked hard at Thai. Problem was that I do have limited memory. Some of my younger co-learners just soaked it up immediately (+ good processing power), whereas thicko me struggled long & hard. But six months later I drew level, two years later was ahead, now ( 30 years later) fluent bilingual. The whole learning process in itself interesting.

Im not negative usually but i dont get how you are this bad at a drag and dropp programming game

For whom to produce

Thanks sir, my conversation clear. sir, others world ka pronounsation bataiye. godbless u


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