Python 3 Tutorial: 20 – More Classes


2017 and its still a gr8 meme

I feel like this is not necessarily the best thing to believe. What if the thing that I feel is my purpose in life is to kill innocent people. It just doesn’t make sense too me, because people may make something bad of their lives and harm other people in turn

That professor reminds me of Benjamin Linus from lost

You are the best Emma. I love you ❤️

Never before in the field of history have so many had so much to say about nothing. Seriously, this video had less substance than vacuum. The educational system is indeed out-of-date, but this video shed about zero new light to that subject. People holding up gay signs to prosaic elevator trip-hop doesn’t equal constructive thinking or artistic value.

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

Payment Paypal/Creditcard

Jew voice.

Thank you so much.

Why he say “peace” like a anime character?

“Jounrneys?” Lol @1:17

Am I the only one who read broad strokes of Farenheit 451 in the movie Equilibrium? Or was it too obvious?

They’re talking about Thug like they’re talking about a kid in Pre-K and calling him special

Euhemism is kind of how I feel about the Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth trilogy.


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