Python 3 Tutorial: 21 – Inheritance


This is so helpful haha im so shit at english its unreal

Awesome videoooo Allocation of resources ka mtlb kya h

3:20, in 2005 people actually experienced life…

What happens to elasticity when the demand shifts out?

Black nerd lol

Than you very much Mr Bruff; I can’t express how much I have learned from this beneficial and effective video.

I was gonna make a video on this this weekend but you have legit covered every single thing I wanted to say!! We are legit the same haha

Sorta skimmed over the business cycle then made proposals that cause it… lol… your god (keynes) is dead… don’t be afraid to move on without a govt.

That man ASS

A very clear and well structured tutorial! I appreciate it that you included an example!

If you are robbed and you want justice, you have to pay. If you are sick and want healtchare, you have to pay, if you want to drive on paved roads, you have to pay. It’s not slavery it’s just that you have to pay somehow

I love him so much for doing this!

Genny have you ever played any sports games

I Guess grandma was right I shouldn’t have spent that dollar all in one placeπŸ˜‚

Your doing great Genny, keep it up.πŸ˜ƒ

It was one of greatest speech I’ve seen in TEDx.

That video length tho…πŸ‘€

I do not have the art skills, but can some please draw Markiplier as an octopus, Octiplier! (or tell me if it’s been done?)

Surprised that sofa isn’t black and leather

Who made? I made.

Chomsky (talking about looking up information on the internet): “It’s thanks to the tax payer putting huge amounts of subsidies into developing the high tech system of the next generation, which is handed over to corporations for marketing and profit.”Ouch! Does this also not include Google?

This reminds me of “Talking heads” by Kieslowki, you gotta watch it guys!! Peace!

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