Python 3 Tutorial: 23 – Some File I/O Methods


Isn’t it using “for developing” correct instead of “to developing”?

I hope this woman is not tenured. Georgetown University, do you really want this person representing your Linguistics department?

That was brilliant. 🙂

Work with me for REAL STORY

I would have never guessed that he would have some video on the top lift

1:28 Narrator: We’re not in Kansas anymore

Thats deep

I’m currently reading Anna Karenina but I wouldn’t place it as no. 1…

Read the autobiography of malcolm x.

I thought the tell me about yourself is taking to 30 seconds to 60 seconds only? Well she talks to much. very exaggerated.

Whats the name of that show on ABC in the first few minutes of this video?

I swear I thought I was the only one that thought English was such a weird language.

I have seen so many YouTube videos on IELTS and just started my preparation. …you have done brilliant job in this video. ….your work just stands out….thank you for sharing this video….nice to hear the Bristol ascents. …just fabulous. …hats off

Isn’t it wrong for economies to be considered healthy if they are growing? Growth requires an increase in resources used and in products created and bought. So the current macroeconomic policies promote overproduction of breakable products, requires overpopulation and promotes waste instead of sustainable resources. Shouldn’t macroeconomists think of a more sustainable way for the states to control and redirect the economic system to a more sustainable market?

Automation makes things cheaper. As things approach infinite cheapness, the need for jobs approaches 0. We can give each other massages once a week and pay all of our bills. Or any other trivial task. This is a good thing.

Lol you do know other animals fear death right?


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