Python 3 Tutorial 3 – Built in Math Operations


Wow….best video ever watched

Humanity is a rainbow of shit.

– Jordan Wallace

Interesting information. Would stick better if you talked a bit slower and have a little pause between the different gestures. It would let the listener to reflect over what you’re saying.

Being from Springfield MO, and wanting to tribute that a bit, Brad Pitt’s accent was based on an Ozarks dialect with quite a few deviations from the generally considered Southern or Tennessee accent. I hear that dialect from older Ozarks residents and he was SPOT. ON. To call it less than that is like finding fault in a cat because it’s not a dog. You have to know what the thing actually is first. Singer’s great, but he doesn’t know this particular fact.

The Green Mile should have been in the honorable mentions

My mother has a PhD in linguistics. she is now the head of the heritage language program she started at the local collage. she says trump is very very smart. my mother has a borderline genius IQ. so now you know what a true linguist thinks.

I am sorry Sir, but Ground Control is missing.

It’s awesome

Have to solve problems you didn’t create? Well, boo effing hoo, people have been doing this for thousands of years.

Comes back 5 days later

Nice videos usefull videos but i need videos for commerce please arrange for that

Who else got a Grammarly add?

I’m multilingual since young. I never know what it’s like to speak only one language, sometimes I wonder what it’s like because language affects us in many ways. Living in a country of many languages, sometimes if you say something in a different language and the person replies in another language, they still understand each other xD

Kiritugu Emiya, is that you?

Yo is that Dennis from Its Always Sunny

Ah vlogbrothers… like Tai Lopez, but with real information

Thank you bastards for being crazy enough to invest in such beautiful art when you could put in less effort. There are quite a few videos on YT on every topic you cover, but yours are always the best. You deserve an award for facing the abyss with such clarity, creativity, and passion.

Who else is here the morning of the exam – before you actually go to the exam – getting in final cramming minutes?

And with the vaccine, a certain ideology is being inocculated too…

I’m ’bout to lose it


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