Python 3 Tutorial 3: How to Print


Greek and English. Learning Russian.


Michael Here

I’m more than one tho…

I’m taking the writing FSA

5. Numbers 7+90

I’m going to be freshman college this june and this is my course. Idk if it’s easy to study or what.

Meaning sexually non-normative perspective.

1. I acknowledge receipt of your application under……

I’ll suggest u restroom bro

If I was a slave, how come I didn’t get whipped to the face

Translative(transforming into):

How do you know whats up and down of the second circle if you dont have a center point?

This was uploaded on my birthday 😄

Can I send you my resume so that you could look over it? I have no work experience, however, I have lots of volunteer & community service experience. Also, I am in my last year of undergrad as a psychology major and I am interested in recieving a masters of science degree in human resources management.

Very useful

F0441504 鄔學武

Good day

I was crying till 1:11:00h 😃 then I had to laugh so much!

Quote from Journey to the west

Facing fears


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