Python 3 Tutorial: 4 – Variables


The universe has a balance. For the highest highs there are the lowest lows. For someone so blissfully happy

Obama: No…

Thank you for the video, it’s very intersting. it helped me alot in my business classes.

I wonder if Mr Clifford’s students watch Crash Course Econs and go, ” yooo, that’s my teacher!” That would be so dope

I increase my English level through TED videos

I wish I could go how lucky they are

Wow haha, between the quiet muffledness of Chomsky’s croaked words and the apparently low volume of this video, I need to put my computer nearly at full blast to hear the man. But a worthwhile video nonetheless

Median mode ka chapter explanation kaha hai????????

Ur used 2 hearing idiot politicians that say what theyre told 2 by their owners….trumps a free agent as bernie wouldve been if he wasnt trumped by super delegates…….

Implicit in this is the assumption that government is inimical to the people, which among democracies is probably most true in the US. The US has a huge military industrial complex that is a powerful force field for maintaining consent for the assumptions on which it is built, such as that the world needs the US to be its policeman (which requires that the United Nations be trashed and kept weak, lest it acquire the ability to take over the role). Progressives need to finesse this all a little more, so that viewers are not left with the idea that this scenario is a fixed and immutable state of affairs. How would this video play out if the government was genuinely democratic? Let’s begin from the idea that this is possible.

Esto es de los creadores de litel inferno is litle inferno yes formeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee na mentira litle inferno y world of goo xd

Chomsky: Why not do some of the serious things?

Great help

Frictional Unemployment → transitional time between employment

Super useful videos with a fun twist, would’ve definitely failed my macro final if it wasn’t for videos like this

Fuck the interviewer. Fuck Google. Btw I use https://duckduckgo. com “The search engine that doesn’t track you.”


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