Python 3 Tutorial 5: Printing Special Characters



I have a maths test on Tuesday and a geography test on Wednesday!😫 any tips for revision?!

Please look up jordan peterson and his comments on postmodernism if you find anything this dude says compelling.

I love your videos but i so disagree with you here

I agree & disagree on various aspects.

When Sri Iyer speaks, its very loud and when Swamy speaks, its a bit low.

I’ve not checked all the posts

You are a very good professor..

Solo un obtuso puede ver que mas alla del humor la igualdad nada tiene que ver con eso y probablemente usen este video para legitimar opiniones racistas, machistas y homofobas…

I listen to this when i do my homework.. totally helps!!!

Civilisation is built on Empathy… and that is mostly a good thing.. bu there is adra side to empathy. Have a look on Prezi. com at prezi on Empathy = Civilisation

Thank you sir for your wisdom and worldview

How do you feel on Mongolian scene 41:36

Actually everything Apple makes apart from the Mac is a toy. The Mac isn’t even a serious contender in the computer market.

You videos was most effective that makes me able to pass my CPA exam

Pretty sure Frodo was a Hobbit, not a Human..

Prince: “we are the problem”

So basically you’re telling me that I’m a shy, introverted, intense, logically son of a b*tch, that is overly self critically. Welp, I mean it matches my 16 personality quiz results. I’m a freaking perfectionist that hates people, dammit, and I’m proud.

Anyone notice that the animations of this video looked really good compared to the others? They have been improving a lot.


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