Python 3 Tutorial: 6 – More Functions


I see a trend in the comments. Apparently I’m not the only one who got recommended this out of the blue. Creepy.

Beautiful! anyway did you watch the TED talk from brene brown? I think her talk on vulnerability is the right confidence self improvement to complete this already complete(i think) video.

You know no matter what we think a few thousand year tradition of Caste system will not go away. The government is trying but there are so many rural areas in India that are supersticial and old traditions just don’t go away in a day. It’s sad to watch these kids treat and be treated like that. the old tradition is deep rooted in their brain.

Thank you for the video…it was something that I relate to everyday…it made me realize what I’ve done in my own selfish lifestyle….

Getting smarter

They discovered my bi-polar in jail atage 52. They couldn´t understand an old man in the middle of riots all the time. Lol

You see with my story, there is no resolution. The villain wins.

“Its not black its African American!”

What the fuck is Anna Karenina?

Bless your soul Mr. Clifford

Really enjoyed your AP Seminar this past summer in SD! How is your newest venture up north going?

People who are great to listen to don’t do vocal exercises.

Sometimes I think I’m TOO honest, TOO authentic and TOO loving so that people think I’m faking it to get praised..but that may be a consequence of their prejudice already against me from the former things. I’ve seen more beautiful people with better voice that act and talk like me, being listened too attentively & even praised for the things I have been negatively judged for or just tignored…

How do you choose only the most relevant information when there are so many parts to the experiment? (Diagnostic materials, biomarkers, measuring neurotoxin exposure levels, EPA safety measures, the sources of the neurotoxin, etc). The goal is to study neuropsychological effects of exposure to a specific neurotoxin.

Wasn’t Catalonia communist for a little while (I know that Catalonia is in Spain and isn’t technically a country, but it was independent from the government for a while.)

Hi mr dilip badlani ur lectures r really helpful but there is some problem for the people who doesnt know hindi language so it would b better if u write simple urdu to understand more clearly it would b great then

1:03 is that Andy Griffith (from the “Andy Griffith Show”)?

6.)Secular forces. 2000-3000 A. D

Ollie Bye: in all of the videos made ive seen so far, these are really great stuff!

This helps because our teacher made a elimination for the essay making contest thank you!

Thanks Mr. Armin

And distortion!!


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