Python 3 Tutorial 8: For Loops and Iteration Introduction


Keep up the good work, your videos are so helpful

I read the circular flow model in my textbook over and over and over because I didn’t understand it. Your explanation was so broken down and detailed that it has been such a huge help in making me understand. Thank you so much!!

What’s the song at 15:17 pls, thank you!

Very nice sir

7ed colombia is a stupid santos an sofia vergara is betovhen is a cool

Every one of us can start making an impact on this world. From something as simple as putting your litter in a bin, to something like speaking out or planting trees. There’s nothing hard about it, it’s just people are getting lazier and lazier, more ignorant and vain. Climate change affects EVERYONE in this world. From a devastating tsunami that could affect your home, to the polar bears currently going extinct because we are melting their ice – Wake UP. Stop sitting in your Ignorant BUBBLE, waiting for someone to clean up the mess you made. It’s so fucking simple! Yet our planet is greedy. Greedy for money, attention and great news stories. Because EVERYONE wants to see the new nuclear weapon that America just tested out, right!? The ones that you paid MILLIONS of dollars for? Except you could have spent that money caring for the PLANET, fixing the environment, sorting out the droughts and the hunger problems in the world, right? But no. All people care about is arguments, disagreements, wars, murders…If everyone just stopped caring about themselves for one goddamn moment, there wouldn’t be any war threats, there wouldn’t be any NEED for Nuclear weapons. That money wouldn’t go to waste.

“The struggle to free myself from restrains becomes my very shackles.” – Meshuggah

It’s the same way I can enjoy a Woody Allen or Roman Polanski film and not agree with their choice in women.

Could you please make a quick video on Supply-Side policy?! I have the finals next week! thank you so much

Thanks a lot

@ooker777 I am SCII, you can find me, username Streable. Cheers!

I’m twenty and in about 30 years my kids are going to be blaming us for the for the problems of their day. No one wants to take a stand and we always blame the previous generation. (I still don’t see exactly why my MIS textbook sent me here)

Cognitif mapping edu will be the trurh, in lie detector style

I did mice and men last year and i got an A*! This was a shock as I’m welsh. This year I’m doing an inspector calls and heros

Wish I could reverse my life and go to one of these colleges…grab the knowledge that’s flowing from every corner of these places. Sir Sandel, thank you for introducing me to Harvard. I realised how a lecture looks like. It’s pretty different in our country. We basically mug up facts and there is a very lil focus on reasoning.

(sorry I don’t have the squiggly letter N or any other letters with accents.)

Furthermore, I HAVE taught a college class before (which I designed) and will do so again in the Spring. So, if nothing else, I at least have some exposure and experience which will certainly improve the way I teach next time.


Isc board me teacher ye kahte h ki to the point answers likhna h agar ten years dekhe to aur sloved papaer dekhe to bhut board me answers likhe to Kaise likhe..

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

Overal the game was solid last time I tested it, it could still use some work in finer details but the majority of the game felt good.


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