Python 3 Tutorial: 9 – Input


Powerful video….

Its true

Are you going to talk about stagflation and/or the decline of Keynesian economics at some point?

When you feel depressed, ask yourself what i would have to believe to feel this way. and what am i most afraid of. and then change the beliefs to something you prefer. don’t take things as they are, there just thoughts you’ve kept alive or don’t know how to protect your self from. you’ve picked them up from parents and society. they are not you. well everything is you. and everything is love. you are love, we’ve just been molded, and forgot how to love unconditionally.

I was hoping we’d get an efficient frontier joke at some point

Thank you thank you thank you



Every living thing is afraid of death. its always been this way forever its not just us. We are just as meaningless as the rest of the animals.

Can you do a video on an example of a exam walk through please as these videos have helped me lots

Ohh.. shit… This is why i hate Hinduism.. A lot of discrimination.. Not fair at all

Thanks so much I’m writing an essay that is detrimental to my grade and this music is extremely calming and helpful :3

Thanks I find it very usefull in matric.

Rest in Peace, Alex

You are amazing Dani! I got an A on my test because of you! 🙂

Rock ON Ludwig~!

They should of had people get out a piece of paper, write out a sentence, and then compared it. these buzzfeed videos should be more interactive

It tries to look epic but not in this graphics…

Hlo mam I am Bijay lal thing from Nepal. I want to asking some about english. So mam I know clearly writen and good reading but I have been small problem listen and speaking..exjample two guys discuss about in at super market bill paid about and there in bitween at speaking but I am not undustanding he is speaking loungoese… so how do completely this matter mam?

Thank you for ur help i have tomorrow a final language exam and this helped a lot

I live in Texas and we all sound like that

I felt so bad for that 16 year old kid with the crazy mom. i recognized all those pills ritalin makes you a dosile uncreative zombie over time, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, mood neutralizing prozac. its just fucked up how shes made them proud of taking all those pills, with coca cola no less….

THANK you for doing obi wan kenobi. Ive always been interested in that!


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