Python 3 Tutorial – 9 Módulos


Leave George Bush alone…. LEAVE HIM ALONE

Word to the wise: Settings > speed > 1.5

Did the people who believed that myth were false, did they follow any religion or did they question there own religion.

You say outside the curve is impossible because you have the same resources, but you could get into that section by improving the factors of production (capital, enterprise, land and labor), as an economist looking at goods we were told increasing the quality or quantity of the factors of production can mean that the curve goes to the right. i know you said that the person has the same tools in each scenario because you want to look at it from a mathematical view but i just want to know if what im am saying about an economic view is write

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The problem is this “Hail” character is incredibly unfunny and boring, all those mistakes he listed are what make people funny.

I just magically understood everything unlike any other boring ass summary. Subscribed.

Maybe the bit about Lance Armstrong needs to be edited out… we know beating cancer didn’t give him the edge and emotional drive… it was drugs!

I really liked this presentation, yo! Your analysis is probably the reason there isn’t a season 3 yet!


What has the world come to WTF those poor baby Chickens my Lord

Thanks so much! it’s sooooo helpful

‘Shibboleth’ is hardly a commonly used word. Using it was like placing boulders in the path. Why was that done? Not cool.

This vedio helped a lots…

Opinions in india may differ on the subject of untouchables, but they all understand it. the british were there for hundreds of years, & to my understanding, let the caste system be, because they couldnt understand it enough to meddle with it.

Do you really need a linguist to know all that? She’s just stating the obvious.

Trump is the real deal.

Wow this is an amazing video!!! I watched it before finals last term and I actually came second in my class! Thanks so much Jade



Do you know where I can find this movie online? I dunno if I wanna watch it, but I kinda figured, “Eh, why the hell not? I’ll watch it at least ONCE, and get it outta my system.” So, if y’know a website where I can watch this movie, lemme know.

I love this quote from an editor of the New York Times.

You are great!!!!!!!!!



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