Python 3 Tutorial 9: While Loops


Me : :D… Done

(*I am sorry for mistake, I am polish*)

So in other words, you ‘prove’ things based on assumptions everybody – by now – knows are incorrect? THAT sounds like perfectly sound research!!! /s

Thnku so much sir…I’ll waiting for ur next more videos…

What a discrimination in a country which is famous for its spiritual and wise teachers!

Cool rap

Good luck to those of you without pvc pipe lol

Helpful for my media studies teaching..hopeful my students will understand. I love Naom Chomsky saying the unsayable. Profit is the motivation – not love, compassion, entertainment or indeed anything that is not about money. This is a terrible way to run a culture – on materialism. Challenge power you will be pushed to the margins – look at MIA! Russell Brand..We all need to fight back and share ‘Wedom’ – we are all in this together Ek ong Kar – not to make money for the greedy ruling elite. The battle is endless – stay awake and fight it

So she’s never heard him ever speak those nonsensical gibberish sentences? Which planet is she from again? BTW her voice is quite shakey and weak and gives the impression of being very nervous and insecure..

Hahaha, Brilliant!

I feel so trapped these days in society, with PC liberals who’d rather get distracted by the nickel and dime shit while corporations raid what’s left of this nation’s future in my back, while facing the religious proto-fascists trying to take us back to the 1950’s, when women and minorities are oppressed in silence

You’re on your own 😂😂😂😂😂

Sometimes I feel, frictionally, structurally and cyclically unemployed all at the same time.



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