Python 3 Tutorial – Basic Control Flow


A large amount of acid is the only cure, need a reset..

This video legitimately helped me so much. I took my micro exam a few hours ago, I think I’m good. I had no idea about positive externalities and labor markets the day before. ACDC is truly the best source of economics for AP students. I recommended all the students around me to watch these videos, these videos make the study material so brief and concise. Thank you so much for spending time and sharing your knowledge to the world. I really appreciate your kindness Mr. Clifford 🙂

“Joost had two problems: the moon ans his mustache.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

Can’t imagine Trump doing one of these…….oh yeah…he doesn’t have the balls.

You’re right…. Spice Girls are my favorite!


3 finals tomorrow. Good luck to all.

I agree that wisdom is not an intellectual realization from a Buddhist point of view, but not quite sure about calling it a “habit”.

I liked the accent and who r u frekone

Your videos are fantastic!

“What God wrought”. Hahaha, American “news”.

….But in our airports, we don’t need to worry because we have written texts on computers and screens that can record every flight that comes and leaves. So there is some importance put to every event that the Pirahã can experience and remembered for later reference.

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I like how he smaked the seal and takes its fur thats nagic for you but please dont abuse animals

यही जाती व्यवस्था के विरुद्ध सार्थक प्रयास होगा ? आरक्षण के लाभ का मोह नहीं करें।

Well, it’s all controlled by Paradigms, YOUR Paradigms.

This is scary accurate for 2015, now its 2017. Spot fucking on dude, I’m scared….

Such beautiful people! All people are beautiful, pale, darkest dark and everything in between. I find beauty in all people! I wish that more of us were able to love ourselves as well as those who may be different and find beauty in ourselves as well as those who may be different!



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