Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #11 – Ranges


Miss Emma! Thank you so much for this video. Right now I’m learning English in Vancouver and now I’m writing my final Essay using paraphrasing and synthesizing. Your video helped me to get a better understanding of paraphrasing. Thank you!!

Lance Armstrong… ahh hindsight.

Nice video 😃😆😤my writing show my pesonality

Absolutely perfect video! Thank you!

Why do you choose such forums?

Infinite Jest?

+jackseptieye awesome

In Russian we don’t have an order of words in a sentence at all, so I could understand that one 😀


Sir..imp qustions economics lecture bnva plz

@Aparophos990 Haha I actually agree with this, even though I guess I’m defending the students. That’s what college trains students to do. To realize the problem and see them. But they don’t teach you how to solve them or how to live with it.

Crisis: Monteriggioni siege

The “showdown,” Cooper says, began in 1974, as the shah made it clear to the White House that high oil prices were the price of political stability in Iran. At that, even Kissinger’s rock-solid support began to falter.

How to become HR after b. com

What a piece of shit!

This movie blew my mind! this one wont be around for long.

“[…] Los Ángeles, California […]”, “…of men (and women)…”

Also, I hate when people try to explain his speaking “tactics” as if they are well laid out and planned. Like him or not, he doesn’t think about anything he does. Nothing he does is carefully planned or considered, including his low brow speech full of failures of continuity, poor/incorrect word choice, and improper grammar.

‘Highlighting’ in this context is to indicate, rather than a physical highlight. You don’t need to change the colour of the text or background.

As a fictional retelling of a surprisingly little known historical event, this book has almost biblical size, it tells a great story, but at the same time there’s that historical grit and realism. The characters were well-developed. the description was pretty good and so were the illustrations. Oh, and the action sequences were pretty exciting.

Topic per hi charcha kijiye sir

Not impressed, birds can be taught to say words. now let him solve an equation. some hyper excited exxagerating newb from reddit sent me here.


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