Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #2 – Installing Python 3


I personally never seen any of my friends write i agree… because…. All my friends would write something like this. It is irrefutable that in order for the successful growth of a nation necessitates an adequate and constitutionallized education system.


When I was in first (maybe second) grade, I was taught to pronounce the “H” in words like “what” and “where””. Thanks!

So, what is Szechuan Sauce? It’s an alternate reality. It’s a common, ordinary thing – dipping sauce – but different from the common version. More importantly, it’s fleeting. It’s a thing that existed for only a brief period of time that Rick can’t being back. It’s Morty. Szechuan Sauce is Rick’s original Morty from the photos – his actual back-story.

Warcraft is a good example of how this works. There was research done into the amount of collaboration that goes into the game on a worldwide scale betweens millions of people. Pretty interesting, unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the video.

Wtf do we do once a scumbag programmer decides to let robots do the programming???

I love your quick, concise presentation. 🙂

Why don’t you talk a little bit more slow? it would help a lot to take notes lol

Describe the difference between intertextuality and nostalgia.

John green – Looking for alaska.

I thought this video was interesting… I thought it was going to be boring but as I continued watching I found him charming and interesting… I honestly find his German lesson cool… I was surprised how much of a difference it made to watch him draw the picture.

This is an excellent video and lecture and which has been very useful and continues to be for my PhD students. Many thanks. MJC. King’s college London


Vollendetste Ausdruck der Erzeugung und Aneignung der Produkte, die auf

That’s great – too helpful

You seriously need to get a life. I understand that you may be trying to be noticed as a tech type nerd.


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