Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #28 – Themed Lorem Ipsum Generator


Why that black guy being jackie chan in between?

Thank you. I now understand.

Why do you always draw “human beings” as male? Why are 95 percent of your figures male? Why do women nearly always only appear when relationships or having children are mentioned? In a clip about human feelings, you drew more foxes than women.

1.531 Deppen finden den geistigen Dung auch noch gut. Ich frage mich, ob das die Untoten aus den Gulags sind…

I think about exactly what you just said everytime I go to class. Almost all of my professors and most of my TAs are B. S. when it comes to compassion, communication & people skills. I always wonder what exactly did they say/do for them to [pull the wool over the interviewers eyes and] ace the interview?

That was a well detailed talk!

Thanks, very well explained!

Fridi is i hibbit nit i himin

This is borderline creationist.

-The Seamus Heaney translation of Beowulf.

I think the interviewer wanted SJ to go on about himself for a bit. Maybe get his balls out, swing them around and stuff.

Amazing Lecture!!!

This helped me tremendously! Thank you!

The timing seems not credible.

Hindu Caste system is the main reason for untouchability in India!

Thanks lovely lady for your video. love the accent.

Definitely keep it up!


What a lecture,, Realy realy intersting realy thankx for all



Hi! I’m from Brazil and I really liked this video… I like whitman, emily dickson, wilde are my favourite ones…

How haven’t I heard of this till now!!!

The first word it’s also the first verse that revealed to Muhammad (PBUH) from the Allah by the revelation is “Read.!”

Why am I attracted to this dude


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