Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #4 – Strings


To people like you the earth wasn’t “proven” round without satellite photos. Math proved it to those who understood it hundreds of years before.

As a 46 year old student, who wishes that i took advantage of getting my education earlier, when I should have, This video was very interesting.

0:20 how to get extra chocolate


Linguists are second only to Taxonomists in being highly opinionated on things that are ultimately arbitrary and subjective.

Alejandra Vélez, Camilo Piñeros y Geraldine Santana.


@royalsteven And by the time you’re through with school, who still cares about changing the world?

Sir money and banking ke nots bta do..zaldi xm hai..😨😨

2:29 was so satisfying

Wish he showed Alan Rickman’s Rasputin.

Dear friends, God loves you and wants you saved but we must respond to what Jesus, who had no sin, went through on the cross. He was tortured and suffered greatly so that through His sacrifice and death we may have forgiveness of our sins and be reconciled to the Heavenly Father. What greater love could be shown for you and I than to lay down His life for us. We find our life by giving Him our life, Luke, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is the evidence of our being saved or rescued. Satan has many devices to discourage you from seeking Jesus. He can put thoughts in your mind and remove them plus there are many false teachers, teachings, and religions in the world.

This Anchor is a classic epitome of Macaulay’s Progeny. His Disgusting & Intimidating demeanor smacks of condescending attitude towards the native culture, language and ethos.

Now I am feeling excited about Macroeconomics. Your teaching methods really interest and help me tremendously. You are making this class so engaging. Thank you for making this class easier for many different learners like me

Thanks this was some really helpfull

Great video!

Pretty nice good


The Brothers Karamazov? Not even an honorable mention?

The US is the biggest exporter of dollars printed out of thin air. That’s a pretty good deal for Americans.

Its aim is to bring what we are told is a social utopia to the World;

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Let’s be honest: queerness is a narrative OUR culture wants to propagate;

Wtf. y could I not in a Swahili bushman.

Thanks!! you helped me for my economics exam tomorrow.


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