Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #5 – Lists


I’m a great fan and I admire your knowledge on art. I really like your videos. But I can’t say that I admire this one as you simply are ignorant on this matter.

It’s 2 hours before my exams and I finally understood this concept!!! Thank you for always explaining these terms in such layman ways! 🙂

I know this is satire, but they way we are going the future could easily be even more insane than what is portrayed here.

To søte hunder = Two cute dogs

Succinct. For an expanded explanation, Alan Watts.

She’s being sarcastic, right? Right?

This guy is great! Wish there were more teachers like him.

17. Sociology Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students


I’ve failed classes back in the day, due to teachers not being able to read what i wrote down, and i don’t write cursive.


2. then, he went on to criticises PSYCHIATRISTS, and gets cured by the same people after going crazy.

Booger man the fuck is udderly wrong with you

Those high caste people who practise untouchability are just a bunch of fuckers who feel superior. I hope they will be punished. It’s very sad to see those kids suffer.

Spanish peoplr didn’t comunicate together before year 1000 ?

Lots of respect,

It’s crazy that you have to declare that you’re deferring before you’re even offered a place, it that just the case for oxbridge? Here is Australia, you are offered a place & then you can decide if you want to defer.

Thank u sir.. ☺

Then you will emigrate to Mexico jumping Trump’s wall.

Has jessie eisenberg ever played any other character type? every time i see him he speaks the same damned way

But now he screams it: TOPOFTHEMORNINGTOYALADDIES!!!!!!

Great series so far though.

Why does he have to speak so fast!! I can’t process what he says. She is great!


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