Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #6 – Standard Input


If you ever feel like the list of books is overwhelming I would love to guest sub a some sort of baby thug the ones you can’t get to. 😀


Channel your “anger” into action. Stand with your president by registering to vote, it’s easy! Select your state from the dropdown menu: https://goo. gl/akYL0k

“Education as it sits today in many cases is students in a lecture hall listening to a presentation. They aren’t engaged, so they don’t get as much out of it.”

I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I won’t cry…

The love story at three minutes in will never leave me.

“Oh look, i’m offended by this t-shirt, (grab a bunch of random “pay gap” statistics) throw it all together and call the misogynistic white male patriarchy card”

Pedro Páramo – Juan Rulfo

Thank you Miss Information.

(Ooh, give you up)

-Albert Camus, The Stranger

Morning sarks… remember your an asset to them, & they don’t know bout the stuff in your head… ya’ll be just grande, who wouldn’t be taken in by sarcastic charm of yours 😜😜😜

People here claiming others don’t understand what she’s saying. I think people realise she’s weaseling psedointellectual babble and marxism into the realm of science. Gender is derived from sex, it is mostly a genetic phenomenon. Men and women are fundamentally different on a psychological as well as physiological level. To say that the expression of men and women in society is arbitrary and changeable is bull shit, sure there are certain standards put on both men and women to behave a certain way, but that behavior came from fucking somewhere. White men didn’t decided thousands of years ago that men and women had to behave a certain way, gender came about through evolutionary and historical needs. This yet another cultural marxist attempt to undermine the integrity of western civilization.

See in my highschool I’m in first year so I don’t do exams for another year but we practice all the different exams questions and essays which is really helpful

I don’t know, you writing that you think ancient philosophy that didn’t distinguish between the physical, metaphysical and the paranormal might be one to something seems kinda dry.

Omg how can she even keep a straight face?

This game is a great tool to use in classrooms when teaching this sort of thing!

This dude talks faster than I think. Imagine the change in history from this one speech to a room full of influential people.

I am writing my research paper for the first time and i was so confused how to write… No doubt this lecture was very simple to understand even by a Lehman. Thank you so much for this motivational video it helped me a lot and this enthusiasm i can feel to write my paper now. Not hoping for the consequences 🙂 Thankyou again Professor 🙂


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