Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #8 – If Statements


Happy New Year Langfocus

This gentleman is sharing such wise and powerful knowledge.

Saw this video and thought “I bet this is going to have far more dislikes than the other videos on this channel’. I haven’t watched the video yet so I don’t know whether they’re coming from angry 4-chan dwellers or radical feminists, so lets find out…

Having an ielts test in two weeks time you have really helped me understand better how to write an introduction..Thank you

In America, just become a cop and shoot a black guy, that’s all it takes to be a hero. Doesn’t matter if he was a scientist.

Mark. Muthatrucking. Wahlberg.

Such alliances are ‘politically motivated’, and do not at all reflect actual priorities of actual homosexuals on the street.

Thanks man for making me smarter

Although i am in a different field, but seriously that was most helpful than my own professors could explain. i have been suffering through writing a research proposal for my thesis for 3 months now. but after watching this video.. i kind of have a clue wut i should be writing+focusing on, and wut i really shudnt be wasting my time doing…. thanks man!

-pride and prejudice

Funny. As I can see now, I had re-invented conception of existentialism by myself in middle school. (I didn’t call it so)

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant

I just learned this got canceled. Sad. 🙁 It would have been so awesome. Hopefully someone will make a game like this.

You re the one who called him jew so you re the one using labels. you see hate in him but imo thats a projection of what you re displaying here. now it seems you thought a bit about slavery how about the enslavement you make for yourself fighting ghosts of your obsessions? your animosity for chomsky have personal sources if not ideological. you re just as lame as anyone else.

Most cringeworthy show on television

Do you give a judgment for every Economics question or just 25 markers?


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