Python 3 Tutorial: Our goals, and Python basics


Smart douche

Good video but you might want to slow down a bit. U are almost rapping

Y (4881th paragraph)


On the road by Jack Kerouac?

its really needed until July 30, your every second working on this topic would be highly appreciated.

Sir what is the cost of the books

Can we use proverbs in essay?

It’s a game by tomorrow corporation? This has to be great, and it is! :DD

11-Obesity on the rise.

I always appreciate his videos for taking a very measured approach to these types of subjects, showing both sides of the argument and ending on an opinion that he identifies with. I know I might be shouting into a void now but I think the whole lack of women in STEM will be fixed gradually. While we see a divide now, within a few generations these gender norms that are lasting from bygone times while fade further and further into antiquity and I feel that wearing a shirt wont stop that. What I am worried about is the pleasure that you mentioned not just in the traditional way but also in a reverse sense. There must be a sense of pleasure felt by the people demanding that these types of images be taken down when they eventually are. I worry that free expression might be damaged by these people and the pleasure they seek.

Hey guys….

Anyway, the supposed reconstructed of *octo don’t reflect the formation of the word.

О јебем вам мајку необразовану!


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