Python 3 Tutorial – Sets


I don’t think you’ve ever heard someone from Belfast speak if you think Brad pitt said car right….because he is closer to Dublin with that accent.

Her hand movement is somewhat funny.

Haven’t seen much kinked demand theory on the AP exams… I mention it, but I tell the kids not to stress out about it.

Very well done. i like it a lot. inspired me to make story for my animations. but still dont know how im gonna put them all together. but you guys did a good job

Sexual attraction is a natural human condition. So I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here and ask, does appreciating or admiring an image of sexual expression automatically constitute oppression and/or perpetuate exploitation by default?

And people still doubt free market capitalism???

I’m graduating this year and thinking about doing a Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Why is my computer screen so small bruh?

Agar kisi ki respect nhi karni toh disrespect bhi mat Karo

Solution – stop making superhero movies

So basicaly a gay hipster.

Top 10 Japanese authors, please.

What’s the name of the music?

This is why I want to be a professor in wildlife biology to teach people. And this is why I’ve spent over 220 hours volunteering at a zoo

How should I start the introduction Sir?

I know that getting that kid to lose weight would be good from them but because I can empathise with their feelings (and hence do not want to hurt them) I will not say he should lose weight.

I produce stunna see you flaws twerk it and problem for young thug follow me on ig and twitter And souncoud @isaacflame

Every day this video gets more and more accurate

Am I the only one sitting here feeling sorry for sunshine

낚였네 별 거 없는 허접한 영상.. 수맥놀음질하는 것 같음

This guy has no idea how privileged he is to interview this extraordinary man.

This is found in the Arabic language and is called “” prosody “” .. The Arabs are famous in it in a long time ago


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