Python 3 Tutorial – Tuples


What about squanch?

Why us everybody telling me to do homework…

“NAFTA has had a net positive output on 3 countries.” Nope, sorry, off

Oh no

This was amazing. How Fluently you built this video word by word. It show that you pour your soul in each video. You just gained a sub, Kaptain.

Perhaps at different websites as google search yielded no results.

MY FAVORITE NOVEL! Thank you so much for mentioning it, it’s an amazing story. Everyone should read it. It was very psychologically disturbing but very worth it. That, along with a few movies, inspired me to start writing.

You have made me understand an awesome way of writing a wonderful introduction, however it would be a biggest help if you could show me an example of writing body part of this essay

Chomsky is an interesting guy but are we really talking about whether the internet is a good thing? It’s like it’s 1994, the internet isn’t really new at all and he’s sounds like he’s talking about it as if it was invented yesterday. Besides that it was very interesting. Even if you don’t agree with him it’s always a good history lesson because he points out the points in history that are often overlooked.

But when you reduce interest rates you decrease the value of rupees and have trouble with imports. It also increases the inflation. You need to suck in huge debt to have cash influx. But I AGREE WITH DR. SWAMY

THIS…… Is…….. Boring………… Are………. You……….. TRY……….. ING……….. TO………… HYP…………NO……. TIZE…….. ME??????

They took er jerbs!

Very important!

Wow realy great job

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posh accent

Everything Mike does is awesome.

Cant believe that last one was pretty easily solved. good job genny!

Omg thanks i’ve learned 52 languages in 6 months

Hi, the links to the books are broken. Could you check them out?


This is stupid

Great comment Gary Buck, you are clearly frustrated by the HR support your are getting from your employer, might help if you enhanced your career opportunities and aimed to work for a better employer who provides greater HR support. Stating that “HR people are parasites and should be put down at birth” isn’t a very clever statement, think outside the box and at least offer some constructive criticism to the HR environment…

Sir it is very useful notes..

Dear Sir

Commenting here should be disabled so that listeners can really concentrate! ;~)


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