Python – 3 – Varijable (Promjenljive)


Thanks, i dont need to study anymore now

Omg never been so early ur one of my top utubers ilysm eve hope you see this 💗💗💗💗

Total annihilation…. -> supreme commander -> PLANETARY ANNIHILATION TITANS!!!!!!!! XDD


The girl is annoying and I hate her obvious political stance on how she “believes” the military money better?

What’s that thing at 2:15

Perhaps its substance only, just in a single image.

THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING THANKYOU SO MUCH, taking the AP Exam in a week 🙁

Https://youtu. be/8w4Ku6l7OEI? t=297 In what way is it true that Mosaddegh ‘quit and fled Iran’? The military attacked his residence with tanks as part of the coup that overthrew his government. He surrendered to the military the next day and was kept in Iran under house arrest until he died.

He puts it in video that doesn’t sound like a rant.

There is an earliest Paternal ancestor, which is much more recent due to male tendency to have polyamorous relationship tendencies from past to present (Probably related to the biological simplicity of male reproduction compared to female), and the paternal ancestor is very recent, tracing to 4 women at the time. However, there is also a Maternal ancestor thousands of years before that, to which all women in the world can trace their genetic lineage. Fascinating stuff.

This really makes me think of how arrogant we

I also studied the way he talks. It is called the English language.

Can i get the email of the professor?

ACTUALLY, he said “See you tomorrow, you be good. I love you”

I mean goddammit, this is so darn cool 🙌. Bless you, sir! Like, sincerely thanks

Your videos are extremely helpful! If it wasn’t for your videos on economics, then I’d probably be doing terrible in my class right now. Anyways, just wanted to say that I appreciate the time you spent to make these videos. You’re awesome!!!

And they can even affect your bank account, controlling what you believe you can achieve financially without you even knowing it.


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