Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 11 Canvas Parte 1


I find it amazing how much Peele sounds like Obama

Don’t let the muggels get you down

Love this – it some how sets me free 🙂

6. A – 30

They sure sure made a man out of the cabin boy Parker!

Copy!!!!! :@

AYYYEE I never hear anyone talk about Inuktitut, as a native speaker I do tend to hear similar sounds in fictional languages. So cool!


I see

I’m a student of literature and while I don’t claim to be an expert, I think that the making of this list was not your finest hour.

Well Done, TEDx Talks.

Wtf was that illuminati comment?! Weird!

Is this what our world going to be like???????

This reminds me of english class

I would sub to anyone who replies by giving me te lyrics

We have enough materials, workers and time to make everything we imagine.

Hes like that creepy guy on lost

You said this was an OUTPUT question. Is this not an INPUT question as you are not looking for the lower number you are looking for the higher number in this case. As you say, if this was the number of hours you would then look for the lower (OUTPUT) number? I got did get the correct answer anyway.

Thank you! / Muchas gracias!


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