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I love eminem

Thank you Mr. for this, I bless your life Mr. Guy. Thanks and thanks and thanks

That’s all fine and well, except that would require immediate familial incest–last I checked, genetic coding did not hold up well under mother-son or father-daughter sexual relations…So from 2 people to 7 billion would require several generations of inbreeding. As it stands so far, I believe Dewkeeper’s reply was the best one. Thank you all.

Please could i can get the transcript or note? thanks

Really ideas worth imbibing

“If you don’t stop verbally assaulting us we will have to have to attack in self defense” self defense of course meaning fighting back right? “And it’s illegal to fight back” then basically they are all doing something illegal?

You can’t talk about Billie Holiday without talking about David Sedaris’s impression of her. He’s good.


I need these videos to come out much faster; I love them!

I bet someone reduced your milk while we weren’t watching

FAAACKKKK. blew my mind.

Does ‘much time is wasted’ make sense?? it sounds like it does not

I just jizzed.

Bold statement to say “we” have moved beyond religion. Philosophy is not about the dialectic. It is the exercise of finding truth. The dialectic is Hegelian. He argued that you begin with a thesis another argues the antithesis and then reach a synthesis. Hegel’s then said that the synthesis becomes the thesis. This leaves us with a perpetual argument and never coming to a truth therefore there is no truth. Hegel was also Karl Marx’ teacher and inspiration for Communism aka atheistic materialism, just like capitalism! Isn’t modernity so fun and contradictory.

Eve=to house


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