Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 18 Combobox


Water no ice, we share all food…five plates, for 10 hindu fucking Indians, please make sure your server stays attentitive for we are demanding brown cocksuckers who demand great service, but we don’t know what a tip is…also if you don’t provide good service, we will call and get you fired… fucking Indians…learn what a 15% tip is, and also learn how to order when you go out to eat. or stay out of restaurants period.

Wow your an amazing teacher, I find you very clear and understandable and some might not like your speed but I think it is a good pace!

Rewatching this series in 2017 and omg young jack has no idea what his life will become

Can I use a historical reference in my thesis? For example : Fighting can have it’s bright side, since you can be hurt by something and to find your way out of it, you must fight for a solution, just like happened to the french during it’s revolution.

Another “Germanic” deity Thor was derived and corrupted out of

This is new spec right

Bit late, but I really enjoyed this!

Thank you I love the way you teaching us it was really nice stuff for me and I hope will keep with this holy job to spread education among human beings God keep health, happy with long life.

A lot of people are so invested monetarily and emotionally to Marvel movies that they could put out garbage on the silver screen for the next few years and the fans would still try to convince you its gold.

I all ways read the comments

Every fucking time I see this I think it says intersexuality. Seamless click bait.

Happy atheist day


OMG is that Total Annihiliation?!?!??!! FUCK YESS!!!

Not sure if any of these are best sellers but…

He speaks his mind charmagne dont know how to turn down sometime, while he is selling you his bullshit..too goofy..idk there was a brother in pharma like that in that time frame..great story he needs a movie so this can motivate other black folk to dive into the pharmaceutical making if there are any. No publicity is bad publicity so i know the wu ain’t mad they prolly laughing their ass off to de bank..

One of my favorite recent examples of intertextuality was the piano cover of a certain song playing during a certain scene of the TV show Mr. Robot.


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