Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 4 Entradas


I’ve got 80 marks bcoz of ur beneficial video. thank u very much……

I think we all searched this in the hopes this music would magically write away all our word counts the very moment the music began to play.

AFC Should be their but their is ATC

A communist regime’s new market example that I liked hearing was Vietnamese bankers who got in trouble, and actually got in trouble… although it was deep deep trouble.

When dos this game com out????

I didn’t know where else to put this, so I’m doing it here. Mr. Clifford, I just got a letter in the mail from the College Board saying I got every single point on the Micro exam. I’ve watched all of your videos, both for Micro this past year and Macro the year before that (which I also made a 5 on). I’ve had great teachers, but your videos have really helped me put all the dots together and cement the important information in my head. My day-before studying tactics for both exams literally consisted of just watching all of your videos back-to-back, and I went into the tests more than ready both times. In fact, I honestly thought I had a shot at getting the perfect score recognition in Macro last year, that’s how confident I was! (Haha, funny story–when I didn’t get it in Macro, I figured no one ever got them and moved on; I never even considered whether I’d get a perfect score in Micro. I almost went into shock when I opened the letter today!)

Is this all? after two years of following him closely?

Great video

When will the next video be released?

I put my faith in godman Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, not science.

Submarines, algorithms – already used at the time of Greco-Buddhism –

This story explains religion

My mother always spoke french to me, my father German. Being bilingual is so cool

W says what!


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