Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 7: Messagebox


I came thinking this idiot white privilege white kid is an asshola.

I’m studying musicology right now

Fun Fact: Fun Fact

Dont ever do book lists again

X: 495; y: -3705


Sir if we take the example of sugar even we dont use it directly for example we make tea or coffe so we add in that in this context is it an intermediate good?

That was fire

3. As others mentioned, US backed Saddam invaded Iran right after revolution, and Politicians used the War to get rid of

What if the dots on your i are little swastikas?

You are too good

Your narration was a bit slow. Well it was boring. But the information. Oh my! You had me glued for the entire 13:10 mins. Very informative. I’ve woken up! But how do I escape the cage?

I really like these but I don’t like the extra added cheese

👈 صنایع

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Sir on page 87 ,11 standard State board history book, Q 2,C Choose the correct alternative…what is the answer from among those options?



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