Python 3.x – Tutorial 1 – Panoramica sul linguaggio


What’s a steaming load of hyperbolic shit.


I thought there will be Cossacks but no 🙂

40, 40, 40, 10, 30, 10, 40, 20, 30, 20,

We will progress when external threat appears. The next question, can/should we unite and show empathy to aliens? The next step, all existence beings? Animate inanimate objects living things etc..

May i know you use which software for the video?

This video is weird.

I’m missing the mentioning of Vipassana, which teaches the meditation and values of the buddah, without religion. – Stef

Lol just remembered… “20 GOTO 10” infinite loop

Iranians are Caucasian, Aryan and dont confuse with Nazi that took and manipulated to how they want it.


The Paradigm Shift Live Stream with Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher

“it’s so large that actually when it comes to measuring the performance..”.. finish the sentence

Hey there – in CIE A Level Art students choose their own topics for the Coursework project (such as the example above) and Personal Study, but are given a list to choose from for the examination. Hope that helps.

So…., “Macroeconomics” is the economy of products and services of a Nation???,But thnks for the vid. I learned how Inflation, Deflation and GDP works now. I take an Understanding in GDP in 79% though. 🙂

This a How german

Thanks for the vid, helped me on my paper


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