Python 3.x Using zip and zip(* __ ) with lists and tuples


Mam ur teaching way is superb. thanks thanks thanks a lot. i want to watch your more new videos.

Um hello?? wargame?

This game came out in 2007, so it would’ve been George W Bush in the White House.

Hi Paul,

Superb… Having been looking for such informative video since long.. Such a great help.. Will be looking forward for more..

I think that it’s about time that those who think that the world is theirs and certain people are here to serve them needs to be reversed, better yet done away with completely, because reversing it would make us no better than them. It’s time for everyone to carry their own weight in this world, no one person is better than another, no one. We need to start with religion, this is where many of these people get the idea that they are better than others, when in reality religion is supposed to be about equality, peace and love, but as you can see around the world it’s anything but that. Those on the top have gotten too greedy and the disparity between people is greater now than ever before around the world, you can thank the corporations, politicians, and banks for this.

Is John Green the same as the author I saw on bookstores?

It got me and my friends age right!!!!!

I love how Dan and Phil are in the playlist. THE PHANDOM IS EVERYWHERE

– lottery

One is for certain to read some of Joseph Cmpbell wrtitings.

I ended up with y=2x-5??

It was actually 9

Lol the crossing of the top the T is me having shaky hands and bad handwriting 😂😂😡

I have always been intrigued by classical music; being exposed to it a very young age, we learned to appreciate the fine quality of it. I took piano for years and played a lot of classical pieces!! It was a great learning experience that I have always valued!

English literature in a months time. i’m freaking out


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