Python Challenge Episode 3 – regex, urllib (Python 3.x)



If your Christian you know that earth is about 8000 years old

I am NOT EVEN KIDDING.. your words.. are fucking orgasmic x LOVE THIS x

Thank u sir for making economics easy to us…….

Omg, this video is amazing!

Indo-Aryan (including Dardic), attested from around 1400 BC in Hittite texts from Asia Minor, showing traces of Indo-Aryan words.[16][17] Epigraphically from the 3rd century BC in the form of Prakrit (Edicts of Ashoka). The Rigveda is assumed to preserve intact records via oral tradition dating from about the mid-2nd millennium BC in the form of Vedic Sanskrit.

Currently i am learning french.

Analyze Michael Shannon as The Iceman in “The Iceman” next time!!

I have yet to see a window through his public (and occasionally meant-to-be private) language that reveals a deep and thoughtful and highly intelligent brain from this gigantic suit of fast-food accumulation, hot air, and age.

The moment you realize you were watching a presentation which lasted a whole hour but you cant pay 5 minutes of attention to your teacher in school. this is exactly the kind of lesson i wished to have at my school in germany!

This is absolutely fantastic. Jargon-free and down to earth. I’m about to start my lit. review at the start of a PhD and to be honest it is a daunting prospect. I don’t see my supervisor as often as I’d like to as I work full-time and I have so many questions that I rarely get through them when we do meet. Keep up the good work.

Genetic studies deny this video!

Exactly. He doesn’t want to explain because he can’t explain wack. When it’s wack it’s wack see what I’m saying

This is interesting to watch in 2015

Score: 300. Mental age: 9-16. Desc: You have the mental age of a young teenager. Me: Oh yup i’m 11.

Much respect


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