Python Hacks : A Cython Example in Python 2 and Python 3


I learned Russian in one year without being in Russia, while I was in Germany for six months and Know much less German than Russian.

I was with with you until the H thing please explain!

Doon. (Over there, oblique)

Interesting video. But you somehow have not talked about poststructuralism. How can that be. Surely his historical work is impressive and had impact. Without a doubt. But come on, thats not why he became one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Poststructarlism is and will be the most important philosophical development after the 2nd world war. A whole new chapter of possibilities in every regard.

“When we hear Donald Trump SPEAKS he sounds like he could be a family member or friend.”

The guy is a reality TV star. He speaks as such. Being an ass, gets higher ratings!

This man has led me to an existential crisis, concerning my education.

0:09 Exuse me?! My mom is right next to me. I ain’t alone!

Sorry for that bad English

Was it just me or were the point totals super easy to recognize?

Very clear and helpful thanks alot

Cultures of natives and ‘savages’, and really all throughout mankind’s history.

Jazak Allah 🙂

Superb explanation


Old languages are very inflected. Lithuanian, Latin, Greek are heavily inflected


We know the game and we’re gonna play it

So basically the gist I get is nearly every single person here is making the claim black people are truly uneducated idiots as they typically butcher the English language.

I’ve taken largely to reading nonfiction, as I feel much of what I want to learn about is contained in such books. For example, I’m reading “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus right now. Though, I’ve found a problem. it is terribly fatiguing to read some nonfiction books. I can hardly get through a couple pages of Camus’s dense prose before having little energy to continue. So much of it is incomprehensible..

I dislike not because i hate this video


Even him rathers to kearn brazillian Portuguese instead of Portugal Portuguese….. why is that???

This is very useful


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