Python Programming Tutorial – 3 – Strings


Good jube

Looks right….

@nerdwriter1 can you do one about my favourite: The Life of Pi

This video has given me motivation:)

– Your new Student from India :))

So sad they discriminate their own people, so hateful.

Download this game and sharp your mind

Addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan

C. do research

I disagree that this is always used “just” as an ice breaker. I know some executives that use this as their “make or break” opener. If the interviewee is not prepared to “sell themselves”, then it can mean the end of the interview right there.

– Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

Guardians 2 did look amazing. Now I know why. Thanks!

So much truth here but let me make even easier.

Agree with everything except Steve Jobs. Kutcher’s Jobs accent is pretty decent! Fassbender’s Jobs accent is freaking nonexistent. However, Fassbenders acting performance is far superior, the writing of his film was better, etc etc.

You have to let Parker live, especially because of collective happiness, because even if Parker didn’t have dependants, because he’s alive, he has potential. This is why its still a crime, no matter how much was considered.


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