Python/Rainbow Six Siege – HighLights#3


I liked abcd kis pata ha six pe f aata ha

Am I the only person that believes food, shelter, and clean air and water should be a given to anyone born on this planet. Granted we are killing ourselves with Vehicles and for the chase of money, but yes, this world is so fucked up. We were given a beautiful earth and narcissistic assholes chose money over people.

Do you think you could do a video on how to plan/make a revision timetable 💗

Thanks for the videos, I found your channel earlier this year and I’m looking forward to seeing more good content in 2017!

Leaving the entire topic to medical researchers and geneticists,


Typo at the end it says govermnet instead of government


Thanks man it was really helpful for me,,

I didn’t ask you whether you were sure. I meant for you to ask yourself. This still proves how words can be misinterpreted easily. Even more so if one starts ignoring basic agreements.

8. The Sun also Rises

To be honest, My English listening is poor, but since I’ve started watching you teaching stuff, I noticed that I could catch almost every word you say It’s very easy to listen to. Keep good up work, Emma 😀

Yeah this game just one upped WH40k in everything. Except Slanish.


A mini MASTERPIECE even within it’s self.


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