Python Tutorial: Install Python 3 on Windows


I bought the pack yay

I know more about a man’s accent than I do about the whole of US politics. Thanks Vox

One of my friend does stuff like this when he talks sometimes.. not to this extent but when he texts he says very strange nonsensical things that seem to come out of nowhere..? but in person he never does

I think it’s funny that you are arguing with someone over the INTERNET about how technology is not good for education… if it wasn’t for technology, you would not be making your point to anyone right now.

She’s either completely useless or spends all her time surrounded by people with low iq. Or just a trump brown nose.

What a babee!!!!!

It is ok to be white.

Bavaria best Speak fuck of HighGerman and LowGerman :p

And why not start a revolution on education? Or, better, let it continue?

This video to me shows an extreme lack of understanding with people you disagree with on this matter.

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The game isn’t even out yet for christ’s sake. And why would they give recognition to a game they have nothing to do with? And I never heard them say there are no other good RTS makers and that they have the best team in the entire world. And how would you know that total war is better if you haven’t even played the actual fucking game yet? It is in ALPHA, that means shit will change. Like, everything.

I actually think this is great, it has helped alot!!

Thanks for this episode! We put so much faith in our models and forget they can’t cover 100% of the actual data. Like the unemployment rate not including workers who have given up but would be working if they had the opportunity. It’s a good reminder that numbers can tell more than one story, especially if there’s relevant data you aren’t measuring.

Wow, who knew you could make something so funny out of something we all know is true deep inside but just ignore?

How to identify a conman and bullshitter: “believe me”.

Absolutely stunning work! I also got an A* at GCSE and currently studying fine art at AS level! 😀


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