Python3 Advanced Tutorial 3 – Argparse


This is going to take some time.

His fake origin story isn’t “Walter White style” by coincidence. It’s making that reference on purpose. If you look at the house in that scene, it is almost exactly the same as the house in Breaking Bad.

Serbs are the oldest nation :))))))

I need help please. If the price of a good increase from $6 to $8 leading to a fall in quantity demanded from 50 to 35 units what is the price elasticity of demand for the good at this price range? Explain what the calculated elasticity value means

Would it be a good idea to memorize this and say it for my T-Mobile interview, im also a actor

My grandparents speak broken English better than him. My Bulgarian mother speaks far more fluently and articulately than him. He’s had 70 years to learn how to string a sentence together or hold on to any basic train of thought.

Wait were they serious or sarcastic? Thugger a genius fuck anyone who think otherwise!

Despite the fact that I think this is the posting that is most likely to get you flagged again, I am enormously grateful to you for posting this production, and I think Stephen would be glad that you’re helping people to understand as well. Thank you. For all that you have made available to your followers up until now and all that you will in the future as you refuse to capitulate to being shut down over and over again. Thank you.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Szechuan Sauce, that’s what Rick cares about

This foundation having been established, it is for the market and the individuals that constitute it, to, through our manifold human desires and preferences, maximize their economic fruits with all the diversity and creativity that would entail.

Murder carve scare repair hand trap industrial gene blanket town odds.

I can speak 23 languages, so many that I won’t name them all now. I was always bad at school. Then I decided that if I want to speak 20 languages like a native, I can do it. ANYONE can do it. You just need willpower, determination, dedication and motivation. I enjoy the life of languages so much, I feel amazing. You only live once, follow your dreams. Peace out!

Yr don’t be overenthusistic

Orwell is a bloody genious, my favourite writer along with thomas pynchon

I loved this

If you like this game TIS-100 is similar. I think it’s a little more challenging, but it’s also super fun.

The problem with these scenarios is that they imply a certainty/oversimplification of cause and effect. In real life, it’s much more difficult to predict the outcome of one’s actions or level of agency in relation to an event. For example, with the 5 dying people and one healthy person scenario, if you said you would sacrifice the one (you’re probably a sociopath), would you still go through with that choice if there was only a 75% chance doing so would save the 5? You’d have to face the very real possibility that you might end up being responsible for 6 dead people.

I hate writing essays. Why do I hate writing essays? Because I’m not good at it. Why am I not good at writing essays? Because I hate writing essays. Why do I hate writing essays? Because I’m not good at it. Why am I not good at writing essays? Because I hate writing essays.

Ah, the sweet yesteryears before the calm world of pure logic and reason that is Jordan Peterson wiped all rhetoric like this from significance. Intellectuals sitting in their bedrooms and dusty halls postulating about gender and reality have arguments as substantial as the emperor’s new clothes when you place them alongside the simple truth and logic of a scientist, professor and actual student of human behaviour i. e. JBP. As a clinical psychologist he has hours of actual study and dissection of human behaviour, not just vague postulates built on assumption and bias so the intellectual rigour of his arguments are a cold light of reality in contrast to this sort of pseudo-intellectual waffle.

What movie at 5:27?

Fucking amazing video

I love his accent. Shame it’s dying out 🙁

I think it goes beyond that… all stories are the same. Like every movie I watch its more or less predictable, there’s the beginning where you get to know the characters, the call to adventure, the wise mans aid, the preliminary battle, the dilemma, the final battle/climax, and the resolution. Different names and situations but the formulas always the same. I think it all speaks to the human mind and the unconscious, archetypes and such.


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