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Westerners are often shocked about this system of caste. And they should be. But in the west the same kind of segregation is going on. It is called capitalism. It is a system where rich people control the banks and slowly, but surely, inflate the currency so that the poor man ends up with nothing. The reason that this is even possible is due to the laws of property or ownership. A human being knows it will die one day, but never the less it believes that it has the right to claim a piece of land or even the people living on it. Where is the truth in this? Where is the truth in the sense of ownership? Is it not fear that drives a human being to threaten the life of another human being? I think it is? Fear and ignorance is the cause of all our problems, in India as well as Europe, America or any where else in the world. We are one people born out of the love and curiosity of life. Should we not celebrate, rather than hate? Should we not give, so that all can live? I think we should. I love India. India saved my life when I needed saving. And I thank you for it. All of you living there. Regardless of your caste or religious beliefs. I give my blessings to you all.

If anything this series has given me a much deeper appreciation for Daniel Day Lewis, such a brilliant actor, one of the finest actors today imo

Were r uh from

But it doesn’t at all…

Come on, its not that difficult to solve the trolley dilemma. If I were in the trolley, I would have done my best to save myself. I already killed someon the moment I step into that trolley without brakes. It was just a matter of time, before go out of hand amd eventually killed someone. The best thing to do is to survive. Then I would dedicate my life looking after the well being of the famillier of those I killed. Sometimes the best things to do can be absolutely selfish.


I would have slapped that bitch

We can say that post-colonial is the desire for culture self determination

The quality and authenticity of these videos are incredible.

Does this work for GCSE?

It says im an alien.. oh no

In Anaconda, Jon Voight sounds like a Mexican who spent the last 10 years in a Louisiana bayou.

This test is baloney

A teacher showed is this in assembly and we r using something very similar in English. it’s is quite true

Hey Taylor, I was just rejected by my dream school – Upenn. How did you deal with your Stanford rejection?

I am from nepal and thank you so much


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