Python3: Starting Up Python3 on a Raspberry Pi


Lao Tzu sounds so cute…. hahaha

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

Fenno-Ugric people (todays Hungarians, Finns, Estonias and minorities in Russia) migrated from Ural mountains region. They probably had some contact with Indo-Europeans early on (just a wild guess…). Hungarians seem to disagree and as always all scientist don’t all agree. At the end of this video i started the wander where are Hungarians? They came after this video ended.

Too bad I can’t fit very much into 26 lines of a standardized writing sheet for an English test.

— Plan your ideas to discuss*

Thank you so much!

Such reorganization is in existence already.

Where is Georgian language?

This is awesome!! You are helping me so much with economics and I enjoy your videos!! Do you have a video more on substitutes and complementary?

I’m a logger btw.

How to speak so that people want to listen? – Dont be bald

Interviewer: What will Donald trump do next?

Thank you, Guy.

This is brilliant!

This video broke my heart

I like ur pronounciation today i learn many things

Why is the PPF graph not linear?

Fruitful and beautiful presentation. thanks a lot.



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