QtDD13 – Thomas Perl – Python 3 and Qt 5 with QML


I strongly believe I passed the exam and it’s just because of your teaching!


Thanks man!


Speak positive and people will listen. I agree. But how the fxxx did tRump become president.

1:40 – 1:47

There not trying to… they want to make a game that is more like supreme commander and total annilation. they only share the genre nothing else. this is large utter destruiction and sc2 is small scale be cost effective with like 50 units or less. this has HUNDREDS

Make your children learn Chinese for their own sake. It will be advantage for your kids than others.


Hey dani can you email me any notes and written question and answers you might have for AS level economics? Cheers!

“I’m pretty much fucked”

Doctor Leo Spaceman?

This doesn’t help believe me 😓😪😢😒😔

Most music that says it can help really just gets me distracted. This one was similar but actually helped as well!

4:58 in the back

It was nice to remember these wonderful games

Thank you very much for this video!! It helped me a lot.

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

To you who produced this and all the other videos: thank you. Thank you for expressing Emerson’s central messages. In these ten minutes you managed to sum up the last session on Emerson at university and it was even very entertaining.

Red alert 2 >> 2004- 2017 i still play it



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