Range vs xrange in Python 2 and Python 3


I love this so much. I love hearing other people’s stories about finding vitality, and I’m crying now because they give me so much hope for my future. Thank you.

IRAN… EEE-RRR-AAAA-NNN, NOT i ran, or anything too do with running… most people in IRAN are not persian, iran is a ethnic mix of peoples, azeris, baluchis, kurds, arabs… persians even since alexander have had “hegemony over all”.

“Has any Dalit topped a board exam?” How can they if they are forced to sit on the back of a classroom! What a moron and lazy this guy is? He get fed to spread lies!!!

B j s for payrises

The key question about that listed stock Mr. Adedipe talked about, should be what stock is it? We have “Recession Resistant Stocks”, can it be categorized as such?

I’m in a very dark place right now and take some comfort that I’m not the only one going through this awful experience.

Send sorry you’re a loser emails to non successful applicants.

You are beautiful!!!!☺☺☺


Me pregunto si al final saldrá el personaje de Little Inferno diciendo:

What I find interesting is how hardly anybody is using a laptop in class. In my classes, atleast 60% of the class has their laptops on

Very well explained and shot. good job! =D

Lets do this it is time to make the places you live in a better places so it is time to start.

Reminds me of dennis from it’s always sunny

My name is Hero.

And stop making spelling mistakes, you’re a bloody native speaker.


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