Raspberry Pi 2 – Random Maze Generator in Minecraft using Python 3



Thanks a lot. This was really useful and right to the point!


I have a biological revulsion to cannibalism. Truth is, I would not want people like this running around. The mentality it takes to murder the boy and eat him is not a mentality I want walking around society. Numbers matter but so does the character of the people committing the acts. Calling the boy breakfast is a big enough misstep for me to regard the man as dangerous and grotesque, I would like him to die.

It’s pathetic you see yourself in a position to “give” anything. You should do more taking than giving In the knowledge department…

Empire Earth!!!

And everything went back to normal except robots can vote

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant

First, the men of the question are vague, and I have no idea about their persons, and one, more or all of the five might be a serial killers or a war criminal or a corrupt capitalist (“evil”); and also it could be that one, more or all of them are not so.

0:47 has me dying when he kicked the doll

Speaking Vietnamese as my mother tongue. English, Korean done and German in process ToT wish me luck

But why do this?

What about generall Espahrom

Lao Tzu, I don’t mean no disrespect but you need to fill your bowl with some shit that makes some sense.

1:00 Hahahahahahahah

Some of this books are just american classics, not all time classics. I love american literature ( I’m not american), but hey, there are better books out there.

Great job.

“We should use Foucalt as an inspiration to look at the dominant ideas and institutions of our times and to question them…” –

Zeitgeist rules!

I’m writing a story that I just realized was falling into this pattern without noticing it. It gave me an idea. I’d like the main character not to be a hero to emulate, but a cautionary tale. I’m thinking about subverting the end of the cycle of the hero’s journey to illustrate how we often give up too easily on what we want, put off things that we say are important to us in favor of things we actually act like are important to us, or how we might try to compromise and take bad trades and end up losing everything. Is there a diagram for that kind of story?

I do not have bipolar, but I do suffer depression. It is horrible, and I despise it.

I like how he tries to fill in the time by making all of those jokes 🙂

I used to read books like you, then i took an arrow to the knee

This was just so sad to watch. The cast system needs to die already. No one should be treater higher or lower thn anyone. Times have changed but I believe its going to take along while for things to change in certain places. It’s the way in which people think that need to change.


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