Raspberry Pi – Getting Started With Python 3 – Variables


Thank you for the video. Fantastic job!

Too informative!!! thanks

Nothing you do is right.

So was Spiderman and Guardians 2 improved through your eyes? I think they looked awesome.

Jack is a highlighter

U kidding me??

Oh, I didn’t know that.

You’ve had sex? Fine. You clearly have no idea what really matters in life.

Wow Omar you get a lot of donations and sponsorship.. You mind setting up an address in your videos so people can donate to me too so I can try and recover the 13.3 GNO tokens the Mist browser bug burned on me the other day? Here’s a good address for all your loving fans to donate to 0x15eA07Ff346D001D6584E5dA3d08f5A1EDE44cf8 . Here’s the Etherscan address of the transaction so you all don’t think I’m lying or trying to scam you.

Your colour grading that made it look vibrant is the same thing DC fanbabies of the dceu were discrediting it for saying it looks like children shows cause it is Disney.

Scarcity shouldn’t be applicable in our current state of technological knowledge. Scarcity is only present because of planned obsolescence, profit, lack of recyclability, gross over consumption because of greed and vanity. In summary we have all the resource but we are deliberately wasting it. Therefore economics is a study of the flaws in modern society.

At least he speaks better than the last Republicon POTUS. GW Bush had to be the dumbest ever.

Awesome lesson.

I thank you for this video sir

The woman’s microphone is always twice as loud as the guy’s.

This is Dennis from Always Sunny

A. Is the supply of housing in the short run likely to be elastic or inelastic?

You need to watch some Jordan Peterson

United States / of Africa / badly needs / prostate cancer


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