Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (3/9) – LED blink


Ablative is my favourite

Top ten roald dahl books

Love this

Stop looking at the comments and finsish writting your essay thats due tommorow

I’m just realizing all the weird sounds i can do all have names

Yh results day is on 23rd august i think. im so scareddd!!! lol

Oil, sounds like a drop

And that is precisely what is being done.

Thank you

Man of Steel (2013)

Can you break down a Young thug song? Something similar to this video? I’m dead serious.

The second problem is even more foolish if you are on the bridge and can see the trolly why can’t the workers see it. Academics need to come up with realistic scenarios.

Who else is a college student listening to this??

Im impressed at how easily i just learned this!

I like adam better


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