Raspberry Pi PWM using pigpio library and Python 3


The absolute worst part of Negative utilitarianism, is on the longest scale we can conceive of. when I mentioned positive utilitarianism drugging the water and turning everyone into drones? This one is that level of extreme. It is also super-villain bad. If you exterminate all life on earth, Every single human, plant and animal, including yourself, Then No suffering can ever happen, for all of time going forward. No more war, No more hate, no fear, no addiction, no disease, no abuse, no violence, no depression. nothing.

This is a very good video. You make it so easy to understand. Thanks!


THANK YOU! My english textbook was not helpful on this but your video was.

Thank you for this video. As an ESL learner, I have been struggling with my master thesis in english literature…My adviser said that there are some problems with my language, but he couldn’t name any. I will try to follow these tips to revise my paper. And I will keep watching your videos. Thank you very much!

So boring.

Am I the only one that listens to this because I just want to?

Excellent episode!

Quite possibly you are. Quite possibly, yea. Dere be alot of dem bk lernd peeps hoo b thck uss uh doorpost.

The breadth of his expertise, coupled with his handsome face and soothing voice, makes this guy REALLY appealing, I must say. Aside from that, this is very interesting and makes me wonder how he would break down my particular idiolect or the dialect of the Bay Area, where I reside. I’ve always thought that Northern California, especially, and the Pacific Northwest spoke English most closely to how it is written, as opposed to pretty much everywhere else on the planet. I bet he’d set me straight, and very charmingly, too!

Wow. really encouraging tips. thanks so much for a great job, ms. niharika


Your observations are astute and correct. But see, like you said, this is a completely subjective take on what you feel a superhero movie should look like. I have always interpreted this to be Marvel’s way of rooting the superhero genre in real world aesthetics. The BIGGEST contrast would be DC’s films— the only other superhero films being made consistently. And their movies are waaay too contrasting. Like, sooo much shadow and absolute black values that it’s like a hyper-reality and it loses something in that. With being in touch with real world issues or problems, which make the films that much more relatable. So I appreciate the look Marvel’s movies have had— although, yes, they could have had more contrast going for them.

Yeah that’s the thing, these concepts aren’t difficult to grasp and understand, but the video and music make it really tough to hear what amy’s saying, and just end up muddling the message.

I wish I could do something from the US to make the Dalit children happier…..so sad….and that priest his fuzzy gray hair on his left shoulder so disgusting! He’s a slob.

Lowkey the test is in an hour and this is all I’ve done to learn Econ all year.

Hello fellow crammers…. good luck tomorrow!!! lets all strive for a 5

Blar blar

I am sure Kellyanne has lots of practice, dodging the truth not to get spanked by her parents.

No one can explain the first paragraph satisfactorily yet :

What is this woman smoking. I have better conversations with people that I meat everyday while buying Breakfast or shopping!


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