Regular Python 3 Test mode VS NC Python 3 test mode


Is there somebody interested in learning spanish? I am a native speaker. I am interested in improvising my english skills, and I am learning french, portuguese and german. In these three last, I am in a basic level.

This video just confirms that stupid people are attracted to him.

Thanks it’s helpful

So can i speak Ancient English in 6 months?

Although many would argue that idea is the most important factor in teaching language, I think personality of teacher has a far greater impact. Thanks Emma.!

OUTPUT Love this video and game Genny, keep it up!

This video took you 900 hours to get done. Soon a robot will make it up in 90 minutes. Be prepared.

Althought it long but lot of things to learn

My entire life in one video kkkk

Sr mughee aap importanceee question bta ksteee plz

If you want to find the creature, Narstak. blogspot

Koiran= dog’s

I really want him to be more popular he is such a good video maker person or what ever u call it lol

Too skinny to be smart


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